Life is Now Emporium: How do you want to feel today? Say it! L.I.N.E. Jewellery expresses your Soul.

The Idea of Life is now emporium started from various trips around the world we wanted to bring together in a material form: all the aspects of those cultures that naturally have: positivity, enlightenment, wisdom, personal growth, purity and of course, beauty in all forms.

The best way we found to accomplish this is in jewelry and fashion accessories; with these, We become a statement…We don’t wait for the next big thing to be happy, regardless Of Your Mood or state of mind You Can Be Positive, Enlightened, Strong, Wise, Pure, Beautiful, Life is at this moment and we have to live it, always.

We started contacting small manufacturers from Mongolia,Tibet, China, Nepal, Europe and also the U.S, to get our hands on all these pieces of art especially those that remind us of what we are, and we're constantly looking for more and more artists to help us bring these values through their jewelry.

Our items are unique and mostly handmade to order! Yes, sometimes it takes a while to get to you, but this is the small price to pay for uniqueness and meaning after all the best things in life come with time.

Also by contacting personally each and every manufacturer and shipping directly from them, we can guarantee always maximum affordability, quality, and fairness to everyone.

Behind all this: Luca & Veronica always striving for a customer service like no other.

We want you to be happy, and We want you to be a statement of who You want to be with our jewelry.

Always here to help with any question, suggestion, or idea you might have

Send us an email at support@lifeisnowproject.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!